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Buying a used car can be a risky business, there is no way you can tell how reliable a vehicle is just by looking at it. When buying a used car there are a few things you should do, one of the most important ones being a vehicle check. One of the most trusted ones in the car business is an AA car check.

An AA car check is a thorough check that you can trust and once the AA car check is complete you can buy your car with confidence.

An AA car check will tell if the vehicle has:

Outstanding car finance

Been reported as stolen

Has a number plate transfer

Been scrapped by the DVLA

Has been imported or exported

If the V5 document is correct

Has the correct mileage


There are over 72 other pieces of information available on this report so it really could be worth looking into getting one.

In all the AA car checks that have been carried out so far, many things are found out such as:

74 cars are identified as stolen daily

1 in 3 cars have an outstanding debt

1 in 16 has a mileage discrepancy

1 in 3 has a hidden history


Also as part of the AA car check, the car will be checked via the HPI system. An HPI check produces a report that provides information about the history of your vehicle, the main thing an HPI check will show you is if it has outstanding finance if it is stolen or has been written off.


An honest, reliable car dealership will be able to offer you an AA car check on the used vehicle you want to buy. Ask the salesman for more information; he will be able to help you.