International Trademark

How do I go about getting an international trademark?

First, your trademark must be registered with the USPTO or you have filled out an application form for registration. This form is called an MM2 form. Under the Madrid agreement it covers 113 countries, this includes China, Italy, France, Australia, and the EU.

If you register the international trademark in America first, you can do this by going through a US patent and trademark office (as we mentioned earlier) USPTO

The main three types of trademark registration are a certification mark, a word or design mark or a distinguishing guise.

Once you have got your international trademark there are things you need to do afterwards you can search for a lawyer via the International Trademark Association or use The Legal 500 or World Trade Review. Both websites have compiled a list of lawyers and will be narrowed down to what type of law each one specializes in.

Registering an international trademark in EVERY country is almost impossible, but if you are selling products online, they really need to be seen from as many places as possible.

Even when you have registered your trademark, it does not mean you can feel totally secure that someone will not steal it. You will still need to work hard to keep it protected. If you allow other people and companies to use your trademark you are really giving up ownership.

An international trademark will protect your brand name for 10 years. After this time, you can apply for a renewal, you can request that you add additional countries later through an expansion application. So basically, you can start small and then build on that. There will be an additional cost per country.

The international trademark process can take some time, any mistakes or errors can result in even further delays. We suggest you hire a lawyer to guide you through the process from start to finish, it will certainly be worth paying the extra for a lawyer who specializes in this field in the long run.

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