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Car Mechanic

Buying a used car can be a risky business, there is no way you can tell how reliable a vehicle is just by looking at it. When buying a used car there are a few things you should do, one of the most important ones being a vehicle check. One of the most trusted ones in the car business is an AA car check.

An AA car check is a thorough check that you can trust and once the AA car check is complete you can buy your car with confidence.

An AA car check will tell if the vehicle has:

Outstanding car finance

Been reported as stolen

Has a number plate transfer

Been scrapped by the DVLA

Has been imported or exported

If the V5 document is correct

Has the correct mileage


There are over 72 other pieces of information available on this report so it really could be worth looking into getting one.

In all the AA car checks that have been carried out so far, many things are found out such as:

74 cars are identified as stolen daily

1 in 3 cars have an outstanding debt

1 in 16 has a mileage discrepancy

1 in 3 has a hidden history


Also as part of the AA car check, the car will be checked via the HPI system. An HPI check produces a report that provides information about the history of your vehicle, the main thing an HPI check will show you is if it has outstanding finance if it is stolen or has been written off.


An honest, reliable car dealership will be able to offer you an AA car check on the used vehicle you want to buy. Ask the salesman for more information; he will be able to help you.


Keis Heated Gloves – Perfect Winter Apparel

Prepare for Winter With Keis Heated Gloves

WINTER IS COMING!! As the winter rapidly approaches in England, we can expect plummeting temperatures making everyday task and chores a lot harder in the cold, brisk winter weather. With mornings getting steadily colder, turning into colder evenings, leading into consistently cold months up to come.

These harsh weather conditions make it increasingly difficult to gain the motivation to go outside and tackle the cold weather head-on, so take a second and imagine if in these freezing temperatures your mode of transports for work or just general daily activities was via motorcycle. With the cold winds speeding through you it is essential to get the perfect Keis heated gloves and winter clothing to stop you from freezing to your handlebars.

Keis Heated Gloves

How to Choose the Right Keis Heated Gloves

Keis Heated gloves are the most efficient and practical way to warm your hands while on your motorcycle as they are exposed to the harsh environment during the winter months. With a variety of sizes and different heating methods including chemical and electrical battery-powered heating, it is essential to choose Keis heated gloves that are best for your day to day use.

One important consideration to investigate before purchasing Keis heated gloves is the size that you choose. For the Keis heated gloves to have an optimal effect the gloves need to fit well with your hands as this type of technological apparel will only have maximum effect if the material fits closely and is in contact with the skin. However, you must find a fine balance between sizes as if you choose Keis heated gloves that are too small and that fit too tight increase the risk of kink and wire damage permanently having detrimental effects to the glove’s functionality.


Get the Most Out of Your Keis Heated Gloves

Improve the efficiency, functionality, extend the battery life and maintain the quality of the Keis heated gloves by following these simple steps to ensure you make the most out of your Keis heated gloves.

  • Set the heat of your gloves onto a low-temperature setting until you need to turn the heat level up to the maximum
  • Once your hands have warmed up to a comfortable temperature, so you are no longer feeling the cold on your hands, preserve your battery and turn them off once they have reached a good temperature. This will ensure you are not wasting battery and your Keis heated gloves will have a charge when you need them
  • Store your Keis heated gloves in a backpack or travel box on your motorcycle so that the remaining intake and do not get damage which may affect their functionality
  • Only hand wash your heated gloves, never machine wash them and ensure the battery is removed. Machine washing the gloves will move the insulation and targeted warmth will be compressed

Having a Full Audi Service History

Optimal Driving Performance with an Audi Service

Aesthetically and mechanically, each make and model of a vehicle is different and that runs true when taking care of the maintenance of your vehicle and the type of Audi service conducted that will best suit your vehicle.

Each Audi service options differs from the next because of several variables that will affect how your Audi service is administered. These are factors that apply to your car and the chosen garage or service you are being provided such as; whether it is an interim service or full Audi service, the car’s status and condition and the service of special deals offered from various garages.

Audi Servive

Checking Everything Is in Perfect Working Order

Each vehicle has its very own service schedule which should be adhered to ensuring specific components on your vehicle are in a healthy condition for your car to be running at its optimal level of performance and efficiency. If like many you have no idea when and how frequently your Audi service should be, make sure to check your manual pack as it will usually be enclosed within.

So, what does an Audi service check and assess on your car? Of course, its dependant on the condition of each component to see which require some essential maintenance. Some mechanical parts on the car may still be in very good condition in comparison and therefore need less attention.

These system checks and Audi service adjustments include:    

  • Testing Car Battery
  • Hydraulic fluid and coolant level
  • Lights, tyres and exhaust
  • Steering alignment, steering operations
  • Suspension and brakes
  • Fine-tune engine and engine efficiency checks
  • Engine oil change and filter replacement

Choosing a full Service or Interim Audi Service?

There are 2 different service options available for your vehicle and the one you choose is entirely up to you. However, these two services do differ! An interim Audi service is the more basic service of the 2. Within this service, the essentials such as the oil, oil filter, horn, lights, brake and exhaust are just a few of the components that are meticulously checked or changed; as well as some additional safety checks.

Alternatively, a full-service check is a more in-depth and detailed check but as you might imagine this is a more costly service. The full-service package includes all the checks that typically come with the interim service but with a further 29 points of interest. We would always advise going for the best level of service you can afford.